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What a whirlwind of activity!  As I write this not one, but two concert rehearsals are in process. Church and auditorium have angels and shepherds and choirs singing. Trees are being decorated, paper chains and glittery stars are beginning to fill the hallways and the nativity sets are being unwrapped and carefully placed where they can be seen.

It is another St. Joseph’s Advent.

Throughout the school students and teachers once more are exploring and learning with wonderment and awe the ageless story of the Savior’s birth.  St. Nicholas has visited (he comes here on December 6th) the miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe has been celebrated (December 12th) and now we are anxiously waiting the coming of the Christ Child at Christmas.   Just when our students are ready to burst we join Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem in Las Posadas and treat filled classroom celebrations.

That’s it, right?  Not exactly.

Unlike the secular world our celebration is of Christ’s birth and goes long past January 1st.  We celebrate the coming of the Three Wise Men on January 6th (or as close to it as we can get) with the blessing of the classrooms.  Our students love it as the procession wends its way through the hallways led by the Star of Bethlehem, everyone singing and the priest blessing each doorway and chalking them with the year and the initials of those sages (20+C+M+B+18). It is a joy filled experience.  Finally, on February 2nd, long after the decorations are down we bless the seeds that we will plant as we celebrate the Presentation in the Temple.  A full season. A season of joy. One that our children will always remember.

Learning is always a given at St. Joseph’s but sometimes our learning is the eternal kind.

A blessed Advent and Christmas!




Image result for this week raffle winners

12/11 Eloisa Dela Paz $25.00 S. Durham
12/12 Magda Carrera  $25.00 C. Tobar
12/13 Diana Martinez $25.00 S. Durham
12/14 Ann Orlando  $25.00 Faculty/Staff
12/15 Michael Harms  $25.00 R. Tlanteco
12/16 Sharon McCline $75.00 R. Ingleton
12/17 Ettie Greene-Frye $75.00 H. Hayward




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Our first Christmas Concert is coming! Our date has been set.  We will be performing on Friday evening December 15, 2017 at 7:00 PM in the church.  All of the music, skits, and narrations have been selected and every class has begun to rehearse.
Now, it’s time time to audition for solos and speaking parts. Then we need to assign each child a place so every face can be seen and every voice can be heard.  In order to do these things, we need an accurate count of how many children will be participating. Please, take a moment now to fill out the form attached in this email.

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Saint Joseph the Carpenter School is once again having a Christmas Pageant on Sunday, December 17th at 3:00pm in the church. Please come join us as we reflect on the true meaning of Christmas through inspirational readings and music. We are in need of actors and lectors! Any child interested in participating in the Christmas Pageant is asked to come to rehearsal on Saturday, November 4th at 10:30am


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Michael Hall (8th grade) won first place in the math competition at the Roselle Catholic Scholastic Olympics!


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Please mark your calendars. January 12 - No school - Professional Development Day

Image result for registration is still openImage result for karate

Registration will be open until the end of the year. No one will get turned away. There is still plenty of school year to learn!

Image result for girl scouts

6:00pm-7:00pm (K-1)
6:30pm-7:30pm (2nd grade)
Get your girls involved in: Community service, science projects, STEM programs, self defense, camping, ice skating, horseback riding, arts & crafts and much more! 
For additional information please contact Nicole at (917) 456-2783 or email at gsdaisyinfo@gmail.com


Two graduates from the class of 1940, James Moran and James Ahle had not seen each other since graduating. Both were interested in attending the Centennial Gala held in October 2016. Although neither gentleman attended, both received copies of the souvenir booklet. Mr. Moran's niece did attend the Gala and Mr. Ahle sent a letter to the school saying he remembers James Moran from his class. Through Mr. Moran's niece the two classmates reconnected proving no matter where you move to or how long ago you graduated, you are always a part of the St. Joseph the Carpenter Family. The picture is from this January of Mr. Moran celebrating his 90th birthday with some of his children and grandchildren.

If you own your own business, send in your business card! There is no fee to you. We want others to have an opportunity to do business with you.

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Tote Bag:  
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